Investment Principles

Exceptional construction

We only build bespoke portfolios - we don't have a standard portfolio and we don't pool our clients' money. Each client has their own, tailored portfolio, structured around their own investment horizons and objectives and designed to fit with the particular vehicles the client has selected.   

Exceptional content

Our clients' portfolios are constructed from the best fund managers and best value passive instruments across the globe in all asset classes spanning equity, hedge funds, private equity, fixed income and real assets. We look at hundreds of funds each year but only a handful make it into our client portfolios. These managers make the grade on merit only - we accept no fees of any kind from any of the managers we use. 

Exceptional service

We tailor all of our portfolios to the requirements of the client, providing advisory or discretionary portfolios depending on client need. Both adhere to the principles which underpin everything we do - no product sale, no pooling, no standard portfolio, no retrocessions to CapGen. Even our performance reporting is tailored to the precise needs of the client.

Exceptional opportunities

We apply our investment acumen to both client-sourced and proprietary deals which we can then offer to our clients. But we do not act as a broker - only as an adviser to our clients. This means that we only pursue the deals where our clients are at a competitive advantage in terms of the scale, speed, structure or sector of the deal.