Investment Opportunities

At CapGen, we use our extensive market network to secure exceptional opportunities for our clients. We negotiate preferential terms for clients, help them access capacity in funds which are closed to other investors, and structure off-market investment opportunities for clients looking for additional upside. 

Equity minority investment: Spain

We managed a minority equity investment by two of our clients into a Spanish consumer services business alongside a prominent local family. We carried out due diligence on the opportunity, advised our clients on structuring and minority rights, and facilitated the execution of the transaction. This enabled our clients to gain exposure to an attractive deal with very low transaction costs. The investment has natural exit opportunities, but may also become a long term, dividend yielding hold. 

Preferential hedge fund fees

Over the last three years our clients have had access to a successful hedge fund seeding platform targeting exclusively Asian-based institutional hedge funds. The platform works with the hedge funds during their launch process in order to establish the best-in-class institutional setup required by large sophisticated global asset allocators. The platform is in the process of launching a second closed-end fund which will continue to pursue seeding opportunities in the Asian region. As with the first fund, CapGen sits on the platform's Advisory Board and our clients have access to preferential fee arrangements both for the underlying funds and to the platform itself.

Equity co-investment: UK automotive business

We facilitated the completion of an equity co-investment into a UK-based automotive services business for one of our clients, sourced through a long-established relationship with a private equity fund sponsor. Whilst accelerating our client’s exposure to private equity, we also advised our client on the risk and return implications of the co-investment for their overall portfolio.

Access to the Founders' Shareclass

A US long equity manager wanted to establish a European platform to sit alongside its well-established US platform. We negotiated a deal which gave our clients access to this new platform at very low fees and, in order to ensure that our clients bore no business risk, we got the manager to take on and underwrite any business risk.  In fact, our clients got a better deal on both fees and terms than they would have been able to access in the more well-established US platform.